Friday, June 4, 2010

award reports

By Sanku, noted cartoonist, writer and film director, (

The other day, on 30/4 , I had been to The Yudhvir Foundation’s do at FAPCCI House in Red Hills. Occasion is conferring the coveted YUDHVIR award to DC - Cartoon Editor, cartoonist and my old chum Mr Subhani Shaik. He has so far contributed over 15000 cartoons thro his daily Pocket column in DC from the City. Mostly, his Pocket cartoons are a treasure of jounralistic history kaledeoscoping the life and times of the nation and our State over a period of over 2 decades now. My memory drives me back to the days of that World Humour Coference -1985 in Hyderabad where Mr SS first met me and was drawn closer to me enthusing me to introduce him to TARA advtg. From then on Mr SS relentlessly polished his talents which placed him in the enviable pedestal with Yudhveer award. To learn that the past recipients of this honor were none other than Dr Manmohan Singh, Pt Bhimsen Joshi, Shyam Benegal , Ramojirao etc., makes one feel electrified and surely as a fellow cartoonist I felt highly honoured because by considering a cartoonist the Y-foundation has honored the entire batch of contemporary Telugu cartoonists. That way all our cartoonists felt instantly thrilled and proud for the rare honor that came along. Mr Subahni has a stroke of his own and a razor sharp wit which has been endearing many a DC reader fall for him instantly almost every day in the twin cities. YV award is a major milesone in his career life. I remember his hat-trick achievement when I was running a humour mag called Crowquill Hasyapriya in 80s and 90s. We held a national cartoon contest on sports to commemorate the ASIAD - Asian Games event in India. Mr SS bagged 3 prizes in all the 3 categories he participated. His contributions to Hasya Priya Mag were highly lauded by readers of all ages from all over India. I hereby wish Mr SS a glorious future ahead and sereis of his achievements and the coveted awards mush carry on too. I am sure all my blogging frieds join me in wishing Mr SS a great time ahead. The visit gave me the bonus chance of meeting my longtime guru Dr Narendra Luther sab. He seems ever green to me and in fact he is.

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